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Do You Need A Home Warranty?

Happy Thursday!!


When purchasing a home, it’s always important to think about care and up-keep as a priority. A home warranty is one of those things to consider. While home warranties are a perfect solution for some, it may not be a fit for others.


A home warranty, on the other hand, is a policy that protects your home’s major appliances and systems as they age. It’s there to save you money when your water heater breaks unexpectedly or your dishwasher suddenly stops working.


Weighing out the pros and cons can help you to figure out and decide if a home warranty is the right choice for you.


Be sure to do your research before you take the leap. Read over any warranties that you’re seriously considering purchasing to get a sense of what repairs will and will not be covered under your contract. Then, weigh the benefits and risks.


What are YOUR opinions and/or experience with home warranties?

Have you invested in one in the past? If so, which home warranty have you purchased? What was your experience?


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